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Welcome to Talento

An Innovative and Lifelong Learning School

With over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, Talento inspires an intrinsic motivation of learning through positive communication and a caring heart within an environment conducive to learning.

Our Philosophy

Passion Discover Talent – A Lifelong Learning Kindergarten. Talento, conceptualized as an Early Childhood Organization, aims to provide the best possible, best innovative and child-centred teaching practices to facilitate children in achieving holistic development at their own unique rate. Talento live with the motto of ‘child’s learning has no limits and his or her intellect is its key strength’. 

The child must be the “master” of their own learning and be able to learn voluntarily. We believe that, with the ability to read, the child would be able to acquire a variety of abilities, face up to challenges, and overcome obstacles.

Our approach focuses on cultivating good values and developing children’s innate abilities, including language skills, practical life skills,
interpersonal cooperation, science and technology, at the same time being able to care for people and things, respect for other ethnic cultures, and have a multicultural mindset to meet with the diverse and ever-changing world.

In Talento, we firmly believe in inculcating “love” and the “appreciation of life” through the beauty of culture, art, language and the environment.

热诚与天赋 – 培育终身教育的幼儿园。德能拓教育学苑旨在提供最优质、富有创造力、以幼儿为本的课程充分培养幼儿全人发展。德能拓的教育宗旨“孩子的学习是无止境的,关键在于培养潜在能力”。


注重培养幼儿能力,包括语文能力、生活基本能力、人际合作能力、掌握科技能力、爱人、爱物能力 、 尊重他族文化、具备多元文化的胸襟,迎接未来瞬息万变世界挑战。 坚信用“爱”感动孩子,用美的语言、美的环境、美的心灵熏陶孩子。

Our Unique Projects

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